Hard Time Letting Go of the Things?

Do you have hard time letting go of the things? Do you find it difficult to throw away your six year old cell phone cover, even though you don’t own that cell phone now? Do you have a drawer that is filled with clutter? Do you have alot of ‘useless’ things piled up somewhere in your room and you just can’t seem to get rid of them? If your answer to these questions is yes, you might be suffering from mild obsessive clutter disorder.

There could be three explanations to this behavior. Firstly, somewhere in your mind you still think you can put a particular thing to use. Just because you used it once;years ago, you have this insecurity at the back of your mind- what if I need it again? What if I throw it away and then regret?

Secondly, you hold on to things because they remind you of a person, an experience, some place, an event or even emotions and the way you used to feel. It could be a chocolate that your father gave you when you were 12,and you still have the wrapper because this is no ordinary piece of wrapper for you. You might not be able to throw away an old television because that is how you and your mom used to spend time together. Attaching sentiments and experiences to things is the reason most people find it difficult to declutter.

Thirdly, there are people who fear rejection. People who know how it feels to be left out,and how terrible it feels to be thrown away. These people are highly sensitive and they tend to feel guilty when they declutter. They cannot just accept the fact that they used something for once and now when they do not need it they will get rid of it. These people are more likely to get into unhealthy relationships and carry the baggage of their clutter with themselves.

In short, cluttering is something that most people do. It itself is not a problem but highlights underlying insecurities, guilt, sensitivities and psyches. How to overcome it is a whole new debate. Saving it for another time because there’s still alot left to figure out.

Self Acceptance – A Key to Self Esteem

Self esteem is being aware of your worth and value. It’s being able to realize that you deserve to be treated in a certain manner. It would not be wrong saying that self esteem is acknowledging your positive traits.But how do you boost your self esteem? Why some people have it more while others do not? Is it because some people are born good or bad?

Most of us find it hard to even realize their mistakes let alone accept them. The key to a higher self esteem lies in the acceptance. Acceptance of who you are. Not just the traits that you think are positive; but, being able to embrace your faults and weaknesses as well. When you will accept the fact that you are selfish, or you hurt someone, or you cheated somebody, or you lie because you think it’s okay to lie, or you are too weak to express yourself, or you are not confident; then and only then will you be able to put your arms around the parts of your personality you didn’t know existed. Then and only then will you be able to accept the whole of you.

The idea of self esteem is not objective. It is not tangible. It is not rigid. The beauty of it lies in its very nature. It’s a manifestation of your mind and a reflection of you about yourself in your own mind. As soon as you start accepting yourself the way you are, there is nothing that can stop you from getting to the heights of self esteem.

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